Our Story

Daniel comes from a family of Jewellers and is a fifth-generation Jeweller who loves and has a passion for his craft. Daniel’s family has been in service to the community since 1919. Daniel’s great grandfather, Herbert Whitney opened Whitney’s Jewellers in Dubbo. Daniel's experience in the jewellery industry started 22 years ago when Daniel began an apprenticeship with his cousin Craig Carolan at Kings Hall Jewellers in Dubbo. Daniel owes a lot of his knowledge and skills to Craig. Daniel was taught traditional bench methods from the start and has a great grounding in jewellery manufacturing and repair work. Daniel and his wife Doreen moved to Port Macquarie and opened D&D Designer Jewellers. Daniel specializes in custom jewellery design and hand-making of quality bespoke fine jewellery and engagement rings that will stand the test of time, a loved keepsake that can be kept in the family for generations to come. Daniel has over 22 years of bench and design experience, working with people to bring out an expression of themselves, an expression of their hearts, something unique that pertains to an individual’s essence and an extension of their persona. Daniel uses traditional and modern techniques like CAD design to aid in visual representation, the client can become part of the design process, working with Daniel through each step. This ensures that the final result will be everything they've dreamed of. Daniel is passionate about the beautiful diamonds and gems he uses in his custom makes. For special occasions, engagement and wedding rings, anniversaries you can book an appointment with Daniel and Doreen to come up with the perfect design for your special someone. Daniel will work with you to create your own masterpiece right here on our premises to suit your budget. You can bring your ideas, pictures, or seek some creative inspiration and Daniel will work with you to make your visions a reality. Daniel works with premium metals; hand selects the finest diamonds and gemstones and only affiliates with suppliers who comply with the Kimberly Process and System of Warranties mandated by the World Diamond Council and the United Nations. Under this process only legally mined and sourced diamonds can be imported into the country. The System of Warranties provides assurances that polished diamonds and jewellery are legitimately traded. Daniel proudly supports Australian manufacturing and gold companies. Doreen is originally from Fiji. She has over 10 year's experience in the jewellery industry and has extensive knowledge about diamonds and gemstones. Doreen also has a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Doreen takes care of the administration and finance side of the business and also helps clients in the initial design process.

Our Vision

We strive to be known as a Jeweller who custom makes unique and personalised jewellery using quality materials and workmanship which represent important milestones in people's lives that are expressions of their hearts.

Our Mission

We are onsite manufacturing Jewellers in Port Macquarie and our mission is to custom design and manufacture jewellery using quality materials and workmanship that will stand the test of time, a loved heirloom that can be passed onto future generations to come.

Our Values

Our values and behaviours of transparency, integrity, equality, respect, passion for quality, excellent customer service, ethical behaviours, sustainability, and social responsibility are our core beliefs and the defining feature of the culture within D&D Designer Jewellers and its people.