Our Services

Onsite Custom Jewellery Design & Manufacturing

Daniel is passionate about the beautiful diamonds and gemstones he uses in his intricate unique designs. Daniel will work with you to create your own masterpiece right here on our premises in Port Macquarie. Whether you have an idea, a picture, or need some creative inspiration, Daniel will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Daniel's uncompromising commitment to quality and service guarantees your complete satisfaction, whether you are looking for a stunning engagement ring, matching or unique wedding bands or a special piece as a gift. Daniel can custom design and handcraft anything from plain wedding bands to intricate earrings , rings , pendants involving diamonds, coloured gemstones, in a mix of metals and much more. During the design and manufacture process Daniel consults extensively with you to develop and create exactly what you have in mind to suit your budget. Daniel's expertise, commitment to quality and customer service will ensure the creation of your masterpiece that you will be proud to wear for many years to come.

When you visit our shop, Daniel and Doreen will talk you through a variety of metal and gemstones options. Daniel takes the time to answer any questions you may have, to make custom designing your jewellery item a relaxed and enjoyable experience. We welcome you to come in for an obligation-free design consultation where we can discuss your design ideas.

If you are looking for design inspiration we can help. With our years of design experience and extensive design library by your side, you will be well on your way to creating a jewellery masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

We invite you to visit our store and sit with us. Together we can create a design as individual as you.

3D CAD Designs

Using traditional and modern techniques like computer aided designs to aid in visual representation, Daniel embraces and uses both the traditional hand making and modern techniques to custom design and make intricate master pieces.

Ideas come to life with the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology enabling a more personal and involving interaction with clients in the design phase. Daniel uses 3D CAD software to design jewellery for his clients in Port Macquarie. Clients can see a three-dimensional image of the jewellery in different metal colours, gemstones before Daniel manufactures it. This process ensures that the final result will be everything you’ve dreamed of. Clients can bring their ideas, pictures, or seek some creative inspiration and Daniel will work with them to make visions a reality. Daniel gives clients a chance to create their dream piece of jewellery right here on the premises. Daniel works with Platinum, all carat Gold and Silver and proudly supports and buys Australian Gold. Come and talk to Daniel to design your next piece of jewellery. We service not just Port Macquarie but all throughout New South Wales and all states of Australia.

restoration, remodelling & remakes

Jewellery has been used, not only for adornment, but to commemorate life’s milestones for centuries or obtained for its metaphysical properties. Whether worn daily or just for special occasions, whether a gift, inheritance, a personal purchase or an heirloom, jewellery will, over time, wear and require the attentions of a skilled Jeweller. You may choose to have that heirloom restored to its former glory or choose to have that dated or unwanted item melted, remodeled or remade into a new design without losing its sentimental value. We use your existing gemstones and gold to create a completely new setting, to create a unique timeless piece just for you.

We can also source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for colour, clarity and size. We treat all items left with us with extreme care and all items are fully covered by our insurance whilst in our care. We don’t send your precious jewellery to be made elsewhere as all work is done by Daniel on the premises. Please contact us or make an appointment to see Daniel face to face to discuss your requirements further.

Bespoke Engagement Rings & Custom-Made Fitted Wedding Bands Port Macquarie

Here at D&D Designer Jewellers Port Macquarie, we believe that “your one of a kind love deserves a one of a kind engagement ring”. Whilst we offer a selection of readymade engagement rings and wedding bands in store. If you are tired of looking at mass produced rings which might be made hollow or not made to your style. You can come and see Daniel and Doreen to create your dream engagement ring or wedding ring right here on our premises which will stand the test of time, a piece as unique as you that will be treasured not only by you but can be passed on to your future generations to come. At D&D Designer Jewellers, we have a beautiful selection of diamonds and gemstones in store to choose from or we can source you that perfect diamond or gemstone through our trusted network of suppliers that Daniel’s family have been dealing with for over 100 years. Clients can come and see us at D&D Designer Jewellers located in Peachtree Walk Arcade in Port Macquarie and choose your perfect diamond or gemstone and can sit with Daniel or Doreen and custom design your engagement ring or wedding ring in store. Daniel is a fifth generation Jeweller and has been custom designing and manufacturing bespoke engagement rings and fitted wedding bands for more than 20 years. Daniel and Doreen will give you professional advice from selecting your stones and metals to designing the setting and deciding on the size and shape of the diamond or gemstone to suit your budget.

If you are after a unique, art deco, antique, timeless or vintage style engagement ring in Port Macquarie or if you are thinking of getting your engagement ring or fitted wedding band custom designed and made in Port Macquarie, come and see us at Shop 6 Peach tree Walk Arcade, 78 Horton Street Port Macquarie. We service not just Port Macquarie but all throughout New South Wales and all states of Australia. All custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands custom designed and made by Daniel comes with a complimentary appraisal and Designer Jewellers after sales services. 

Diamonds and Gemstones

At D&D Designer Jewellers Port Macquarie, we have a beautiful selection of diamonds and natural coloured gemstones in store. We source precious gemstones and diamonds from the world's premier mining and cutting centres together with rare Argyle Pink Diamonds, Champagne, Cognac or Chocolate Diamonds and Excellent Cut Canadian & Russian Diamonds. Daniel hand-selects the finest diamonds and gemstones through his trusted network of suppliers his family have been dealing with for more than 100 years, ensuring they are natural, conflict free, and have never been drilled, fracture filled, or otherwise enhanced for colour or clarity so you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality diamond or gemstone. All of the natural diamonds we supply comply with the Kimberly Process and System of Warranties mandated by the World Diamond Council and the United Nations.

D&D Designer Jewellers - After Sales Service

At D&D Designer Jewellers, we always want your jewellery to look its best. As a part of our exceptional customer service, all our custom-made jewellery or any gold, platinum jewellery purchased from us or manufactured by Daniel comes with an annual complimentary polishing and cleaning to keep your jewellery looking new forever. We will re-polish small scratches from the surface, check the settings, and rhodium plate the metal if required. Removing deep scratches and fixing any damage beyond normal wear and tear may incur a charge. * Free clean and polish excludes Rhodium Plating.

We invite you to make an appointment and visit us with your jewellery for ongoing complimentary cleaning services to ensure the full enjoyment of your precious jewellery. *This service excludes Watches, Fashion or Costume Jewellery.

Just as you take your car to the mechanic for an inspection, we highly recommend having your jewellery inspected at least every six to twelve months or as soon as possible if it undergoes any potential trauma. Inspections may help promote early detection of wear and tear which may assist in avoiding diamond and/or gemstone loss, clasp failure, etc and extend the life of your jewellery.

Rhodium Plating, Jewellery Polishing, Cleaning & Inspection

Is your precious piece of jewellery starting to look dull. It might be time to have your jewellery polished, cleaned or rhodium plated. Daniel offers these services onsite.

Proper care and handling of your jewellery can help it maintain its beauty and sparkle for years to come. We recommend an annual inspection to promote early detection of wear and tear, which may assist in avoiding gem loss, clasp failure, etc. Daniel offers free jewellery inspection onsite.

All jewellery should be treasured and worn with care as an adornment. Avoid contact with household cleaners or chemicals, chlorine, bleach, salt and chlorinated water, perfumes, hair-spray and cosmetics. Do not wear jewellery when showering or cleaning, and never wear jewellery to bed or while participating in sport, as this may cause kinking, snagging or breakage.

Even diamonds, although durable, may chip if impacted. Pearls should be restrung once a year. Store jewellery separately, to avoid tangling and knocking together, and use a jewellery roll when traveling. We offer specialist cleaning products for use at home, with advice on which gems and jewellery are suitable for these products, or we suggest a soft toothbrush and a mild detergent.


If you have broken or damaged jewellery and are looking for a jewellery repair service, we can help. Daniel was taught traditional bench methods from the start and has a great grounding in manufacturing and repair work. Daniel offers a full range of jewellery repair services that makes it easy for you to once again experience the pleasure of wearing your damaged or broken jewellery. We follow recommended retail prices for all our jewellery repairs issued by Nationwide Jewellers for fairness & transparency.

We invite you to visit our store in Peach tree walk arcade for an obligation-free quote.

Custom Design Jewellers Australia

As a qualified member of Custom Design Jewellers Australia™, here at D&D Designer Jewellers we have the experience, skills and expertise to design and manufacture bespoke fine jewellery items for our clients right here on our premises in Shop 6, Peachtree Walk Arcade in Port Macquarie. We also specialize in jewellery repairs, melting and remodeling your existing jewellery into a sparkling unique item that you will treasure for years to come.