Did you know that each diamond's price is not solely based on its colour and clarity?

Did you know that each diamond's price is not only based on its colour and clarity but many other important factors such as its cut - very important factor (Ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair, poor); polish (EX,VG,GD,FR); lustre (EX,VG,GD,FR); girdle thickness; fluorescence (N,FNT,SLT,MED,STG,VST); culet; symmetry (EX,VG,GD,FR); spread, treatments (natural, enhanced, fracture filled etc) and where the inclusions are situated etc. Is the diamond certified, if yes, is the certification provided from a reputable grading laboratory such as GIA? Is the diamond branded?

All of the above factors influence a diamond's price despite being the same size, colour and clarity which is beautifully demonstrated on the below image at the bottom of this page. Hence when you go and visit a jewellery store or look online, there can be huge variances in prices for diamonds and/or engagement rings that can be the same size, colour and clarity but has vast variances in prices. For example, a 1ct D SI2 mined diamond can be selling from $7000 to $18000+. If a person is not aware of the above factors, then they may assume that the Jeweller or jewellery store is so expensive or taking advantage of them as the diamonds they are looking at or comparing are the same size, colour and clarity but they have a huge differences in price. No two diamonds are exactly the same and the above is the reasons why and each diamond's price is determined by the above-mentioned factors, not only their colour and clarity. Therefore, when you are buying jewellery or comparing prices of diamonds, engagement rings or jewellery in general make sure you are looking or comparing an apple with an apple.

It is always recommended to go to a reputable manufacturing Jeweller who will be able to assist you in sourcing a beautiful diamond for your budget and custom making your ring or jewellery which will stand the test of time. Something that's made well with quality materials and workmanship. Did you know that we are the only Antwerp Diamond brokers in the region? This gives us access to the best diamonds in the world. Antwerp Belgium, is the diamond capital of the world where 80% of the world’s diamonds are traded. This allows us to buy diamonds with significant savings which we pass onto our clients. Because of the enormous choice of top-quality diamonds available in Antwerp, we can easily locate the perfect diamond for you in the exact size, shape, quality, and price that you wish. This special service is available to you because we are members of Nationwide Jewellers buying group, which is associated with the world's largest Jewellery Buying Group with over 400 members. This makes it possible for us to deal directly with Antwerp’s leading diamond cutters and save you the hefty importer and distributor costs.

All of the natural diamonds that we supply comply with the Kimberly Process and System of Warranties mandated by the World Diamond Council and the United Nations. Under this process only legally mined and sourced diamonds can be imported into the country. The System of Warranties provides assurances that polished diamonds and jewellery are legitimately traded. Our diamonds are traceable, conflict free, not enhanced or fracture filled. 

Examples of Diamond Pricing with Different Cut, Polish and Symmetry:

Examples of Diamond Prices with Differrent Cut, Polish and Symmetry.