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D&D Designer Jewellers

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Custom Jewellery Design & Manufacturing

Daniel is passionate about the beautiful diamonds and gemstones he uses in his intricate unique designs. Daniel will work with you to create your own masterpiece right here on our premises in Port Macquarie. Whether you have an idea, a picture, or need some creative inspiration, Daniel will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Daniel's uncompromising commitment to quality and service guarantees your complete satisfaction, whether you are looking for a stunning engagement ring, matching or unique wedding bands or a special piece as a gift. Daniel can custom design and handcraft anything from plain wedding bands to intricate earrings or pendants involving diamonds, coloured gemstones, and a mix of metals, engraving and much more. During the design and manufacture process Daniel consults extensively with you to develop and create exactly what you have in mind to suit your budget. Daniel's expertise, commitment to quality and customer service will ensure the creation of your masterpiece that you will be proud to wear for many years to come.

When you visit our shop, Daniel will talk you through a variety of metal and gemstones options. Daniel takes the time to answer any questions you may have, to make custom designing your jewellery item a relaxed and enjoyable experience. We welcome you to come in for an obligation-free design consultation where we can discuss your design ideas.


Our stunning dress ring designs can incorporate any style of gemstone, combined with the metal of your choice.

The ranges of stones we supply include sapphires, amethyst, tourmaline and emerald, all of which can be designed to fit the type of setting you wish. Many clients choose to combine these gemstones with a diamond baguette, cluster or pave setting.

Following the engagement and wedding of HRH Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, sapphire rings have undergone a resurgence. Our dress ring designs can be used to create your own masterpiece, using the metal of your choice.


Our stunning hand-selected gemstones are just the beginning of your custom-made pendant necklace. Choose the shape of your gemstone from our popular options, including princess, emerald, cushion, pear and heart profiles.

Once you have selected your gemstone and the shape, choose the setting of your pendant to further personalise your piece. We can design hearts, clovers, bows, initials, keys and knots, to name a few. These designs can also incorporate diamond enhancers, or the gemstone can simply be claw set in your favourite metal.


Gemstones can be crafted into a stunning range of earrings to suit any occasion or lifestyle. From classic studs with claw or crown settings to dangle earrings featuring yellow, white or rose gold, Designer Jewellers can create them all.

Hoop earrings can be formed into all manner of sizes, including the stunning huggie designs or the larger scale 63-65mm hoops. The gemstones can be set as a single stone, or multiple stones can be pave set to reflect the light from all angles.


Our clients are spoilt for choice when it comes to setting our beautiful gemstones into a bracelet. They can be created in a range of lengths and widths to fit even the smallest of wrists.

Depending on the choice of gemstone, they can be set with diamonds, other gemstones or chains. We can also design a custom shape to house the stone, including halos, flowers and other accents.

Speak to us about creating the perfect custom-made gemstone bracelet for a special occasion or loved one.


Designer Jewellers create the ultimate in statement gemstone bangles. We can conceive the perfect bangle to house a hand-selected gemstone, incorporating your ideas into a beautiful piece of jewellery you can proudly show off.

Choose from our range of stunning gemstones, including amethyst, sapphire, emerald and other precious natural gems. Clients can also select the perfect metal type to go with their gemstone, from 9-carat to 18-carat yellow, white or rose gold.

As we know that bangles can sustain a little bit of wear and tear, we also offer a stone re-setting and jewellery cleaning service.


We stock a beautiful range of Chinese freshwater pearls, Japanese Akoya, South Seas and Tahitian pearls.

China has become the world leader in freshwater pearl production, forming in neutral or near neutral colours such as cream, white, yellow or purple shades.

Japanese Akoya pearls come from the akoya oyster, the smallest pearl-producing oyster used today. While the pearls themselves are small, they are the most consistently shaped of all the pearl varieties. This makes them ideal for stringing.

South Sea pearls are sourced from their home base of the northern coast of Australia, in particular Broome. These pearls are distinctive for their large size and their array of colours, generally white, silver and golden hues.

Tahitian pearls are recognisable for their naturally dark colours, including charcoal, silver or a mixture of colours.